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MagConnect Pro
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MagConnect Pro
MagConnect Pro
MagConnect Pro

MagConnect Pro

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MagConnect Pro is the smartest way to secure your car’s key fob, flashlight, pepper spray, USB, and other accessories to your KeySmart or key chain.

  • Instantly snaps into place with the secure magnet.
  • Universal: Works with KeySmart key organizers and traditional key chains.
  • Ultra-strong magnet and dovetail that holds up to 20 pounds.
  • Strong & Secure: won’t break or pull apart unexpectedly.
  • Easily carry your most important items at a moment’s notice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Magnet seems very weak. Good thing it has that "dovetail" connection.

They need to combine the "dovetail" design with the MagConnect Titanium.

Jeffrey Waters
Outstanding Product

Great quality. Exactly as advertised. Life improvement.

Danny Yeo
Magnets Not As Strong As The Original MagConnect

For me, the jury is still out on this one. I like the original MagConnect better because the magnets are stronger. The pro version is keyed so that it doesn't pull off easily but it is a little cumbersome to get the pieces to align so that the grooves will slide into a locking position. This is especially so when you are in a rush and fiddling with your keys or whatever is on the key rings. Perhaps, the reason why the magnets are weaker is so there is no struggle to get the pieces aligned to lock. I prefer the simplicity of the original MagConnect.

Christopher Green
Organised, clean, and just what I needed

The ability to expand on my keys functionality with selected tools by me is something I've always wanted. To top it off, now if I lose my keys I'll be able to find them using Find My on my iPhone - huge win for me! I recommend this to anyone who enjoys not having a big ball of keys to look through.

David Sloan
Lost in transit

I was looking forward to receiving the magconnect pro unfortunately it has not yet arrived not any part off my order I mean this cost myself over £90
in UK money i would like to know who the shipping agent is also if you could look into this matter.
Kind regards