How To Assemble
Long Screws

For assembly with 2-8 key and 2-14 key expansion packs.
Extension Posts

For assembly with 2-22 key expansion packs and larger.
Step-by-step instructions
Step 1
Place the front plate logo-side down, with posts facing up.
Step 1
Step 2
Add keys or other items, making sure keys face inward. (use spacers between keys if desired).
Step 2
Step 3
Make sure each side stacks flush with the top of the post (use the spacers if needed)
Step 3
Step 4
Add the back plate and secure with screws (do this by hand, or MacGyver that thing with a coin).
Step 4
Step 5
Fold your keys into the KeySmart, then grab and go!
Step 5


How many keys fit in KeySmart?

KeySmart - fits up to 14 keys

KeySmart Leather - fits up to 10 keys

KeySmart Pro - fits up to 10 keys

KeySmart Rugged - fits up to 14 keys

How do I attach my car fob or larger accessories?

All KeySmarts come with a free loop piece to attach any car keys, fobs, or other larger accessories. We also recommend purchasing a Quick Disconnect which allows you to easily disconnect your KeySmart from your car keys.

See Loop Piece Here

How do I know if my key or accessory will fit?

KeySmart will fit almost any flat key. The posts are 4mm in diameter. We don't recommend putting large, plastic covered car keys inside the KeySmart because they do not glide easily. These keys can be attached to the loop piece that comes with each KeySmart.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! International shipping is $4.99 USD.

Is KeySmart patented?

KeySmart is protected by one or more USA and/or foreign patents or patents pending. We value creativity and will pursue all legal avenues at our disposal to protect it worldwide.