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Expansion pack 2-14 Keys: $1.98 + Add-ons: =

Expand your KeySmart to hold more keys and accessories.

⭒ KeySmart Pro info: the KeySmart Pro comes with the 2-14 Expansion Pack out of the box, but due to its design it holds 2-10 keys.
If you want to expand the capacity of your KeySmart Pro, buy a 2-22 Expansion Pack or larger.
Note that all Expansion Packs will hold 4 keys less on the KeySmart Pro.

The 2-8 and 2-14 key expansion packs include new Super Grip Screws and spacers.

The 2-22 key and larger expansion packs include expansion posts and spacers.

See the videos on our Assembly Page to see the difference.

You do not need to put spacers between each key, the spacers are provided to be used as fillers if you don't have enough keys.

+ Features
Strong - Made from stainless steel to withstand anything your life throws at it
+ Materials
Stainless Steel, Fiber Washers
+ FAQs
Q - Will these fit my KeySmart 1.0 assembly
A - No these will not. The hardware system has been redesigned since our first KeySmart and have much different dimensions.

Q - What if I have an odd number of keys?
A - Spacers are provided with every expansion pack to fill any void of missing keys.

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