Bottle opener
Bottle opener
Bottle opener
Bottle opener

Bottle opener

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Title:Stainless Steel

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Stealth meets functional.  Rotate a bottle opener from your KeySmart when you need it most, then fold it back inside out of sight.  Our bottle opener accessory replaces your loop ring so it does not add any bulk to your current setup.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tomas Johnsson
    Haven’t received it yet

    I have not received my keys mart yet. How can I then give you my opinion?

    Sam R.
    Very handy!

    It's great to have a good bottle opener on hand. Since I always have my keys with me, I always have a neat and tidy way of carrying the opener, too!

    Very useful!

    At home, at parties, even at bars since I do not let others open my bottles. Not even the bar tender.

    Caitlin O.
    Perfect addition to keysmart

    You always need a bottle opener on your keys and I’ve had and loved my keysmart for a while and have been meaning to order this. So glad I finally did, it replaces the key ring part of the keysmart so it doesn’t even take up any extra room! They should just sell this as an option when you order your keysmart, it works great and adds nothing. Wish I had ordered it sooner.

    Nice to have

    The KS bottle opener is nice to have. However, it can be a bit awkward to use in my experience depending on the key and accessory layout on your KeySmart.