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Bottle opener Stainless Steel / Metallic: $3.98 + Add-ons: =

Stealth meets functional.  Rotate a bottle opener from your KeySmart when you need it most, then fold it back inside out of sight.  Our bottle opener accessory replaces your loop ring so it does not add any bulk to your current setup.

    + Features
    - Carry bottle opener without added bulk
    - Compact and low-profile design.
    - Ergonomic design to open any bottle
    - Rotates out of sight when not used
    - Replaces the provided loop ring for optimal space
    - Ultra durable
    + Materials
    Stainless Steel
    + FAQs
    Q: How do i attach it to my KeySmart?
    A: Simply remove the existing loop ring attach and replace it with the bottle opener.

    Q: How does it work?
    A: Simply rotate it out for use, and the designed stop will create the leverage needed to open any bottle. Rotate back inwards for discrete placement.

    Q: Does the Bottle Opener work with KeySmart 1.0?
    A: Unfortunately the Bottle Opener only works with KeySmart 2.0 since the post's are significantly smaller.
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