At KeySmart, our goal is to design everyday carry products that pack MORE function into LESS space. And the Urban21 Commuter backpack is no exception. In fact, Urban21’s design is so seamless that some of it’s best features are virtually undetectable, unless you know they’re there.

So in case you missed them, here are 6 secret features you’ll love about your new backpack.

1. Super Secret Back PocketThis anti-theft pocket is located on the backside near the top. The zipper is almost completely hidden with a steady, horizontal zipper that won’t dangle or make noise. The purpose of this pocket is to keep your valuables (your passport, credit cards or cash) safe, especially while traveling or commuting. The placement of this pocket was strategic because when you wear the bag, your back completely covers this pocket, which prevents pickpockets from slipping their hand inside. Obviously, the zipper also prevents pickpocketing. But as if that weren’t enough – even when you take the bag off, this zippered pocket is almost impossible to see so pickpockets wouldn’t even know it’s there.

2. Suitcase SleeveYou probably noticed the awesome HexBreathe foam back pad that keeps your back cool and ventilated. But you may not have noticed that there’s actually an opening at the top and bottom of this pad so that your suitcase handle can pass through it. This lets you easily attach your backpack to your luggage. If you’ve ever rushed through an airport, you know that having one unified piece of luggage rather than two separate pieces, is much easier to transport.

3. Chord Pass ThroughNear the top of the bag there is a chord pass through hole between the main pocket and the top hardshell. This lets you weave through charging cables so that your portable charger can be in the main pocket while your phone is charging in the top hardshell pocket for easy access. This could also be used to weave through the spout of a water bag.

4. Hidden Bottom PocketAnother super secret pocket sits at the very bottom of your backpack. This pocket was designed to seamlessly store the Urban21 rain cover. This protective rain cover fits perfectly over your Urban21 bag to make it 100 percent waterproof so you’re prepared for an unexpected downpour. The rain cover is so packable and lightweight that you’ll forget it’s there, until you need it. If you don’t have rain cover, you could also use this pocket to store  non-fragile valuables like cash or an emergency credit card.

5. EasyLock Velcro HookThe small velcro patch inside the main pocket of the backpack was designed to secure organizers in place. Our grid organizer and pocket organizer attach to this velcro patch so that they are secured in place no matter how much your bag moves. This helps keep your things organized and safe during your commute.

6. Discrete Tile PocketBehind the front pocket of the backpack is a unique pouch for your Tile. Tile Slim lets you track the location of your backpack on the free Tile app. The convenient location of this pouch allows you to press the Tile button without remove it from the pocket. With all the important stuff you carry like your laptop, tablet and chargers, Tile gives you peace of mind knowing your bag can never be lost or stolen for long.

We hope you love Urban21 as much as we do. If you're digging your new bag, tell us on social media with hashtag #Urban21 and you may be featured on our gallery!