Thank you for purchasing a KeySmart X! On this page, we'll show you how to add your keys. 

  1. Don't rush to take your KeySmart X from the tray! It will make it even easier to assemble the KeySmart.
  2. Get the assembly tool that lays just at the bottom of the tray.
  3. Loosen the single screw of the KeySmart using the assembly tool and then proceed to take the screw out.
  4. Flip up the top plate of the KeySmart X and set aside the spacers.
  5. Place your keys on the KeySmart X, using the tray to keep them in place.
  6. If needed, add a couple of spacers.
  7. Push the plate back down on top of the keys and secure it with the screw.
    1. Tip: If you have an uneven amount of keys, use spacers to make sure that the plates are even.