The World’s #1 Smart Key Organizer Now Works With Apple’s Find My

The World’s #1 Smart Key Organizer Now Works With Apple’s Find My

KeySmart is announcing a new model of its best selling key organizers will work with Apple’s Find My app, the KeySmart iPro. KeySmart is one of the first everyday carry accessory brands to join Apple’s Find My network.

KeySmart is announcing a new model of its best selling key organizers, the KeySmart iPro, which works with Apple’s Find My. In addition to organizing keys, users will now be able to add their KeySmart iPro to the Items tab in the Find My app, allowing them to find and track their keys in a private and secure way using the Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices.

A new way to organize and track your keys

KeySmart is no stranger to the smart device space, and the integration with Apple’s Find My app is the next step in the evolution of the key organizer that was created in 2013. “We are excited to incorporate the amazing experience of Apple’s Find My network into our flagship key organizer,” said Michael Tunney, CEO of KeySmart. “By combining our compact key organizer with location information, our customers can have the peace of mind that their keys won’t be lost for long.”

The Find My network accessory program enables third-party companies to build finding capabilities into their products, letting users access Apple’s Find My app to locate and keep track of important items, like KeySmart iPro, even when the item isn’t nearby.

The Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices, can locate KeySmart iPro while utilizing all of the network’s built-in privacy and security protections.

Find My-enabled key organizer provides a private and secure way to keep track of your keys

KeySmart iPro works with the Apple Find My Network

Connecting KeySmart iPro to the Find My app takes only a few steps. Once set up, you can locate and view your KeySmart iPro alongside your other supported devices in the Items tab. You can also use the Find Items app on Apple Watch to locate and manage KeySmart iPro. If you ever lose your KeySmart iPro, you now have the option to use the Find My app to help recover it, and if it’s nearby you can play a sound to easily locate it.

When Lost Mode is enabled and a lost KeySmart iPro is located, the finder can use the Find My app on any iPhone to identify the lost item and access a website that will display the owner’s contact information. And turning on ‘Notify When Found’ will let you know when the Find My network has located your KeySmart iPro, and provide that location on a map in the Find My app.

The Apple Find My network is anonymous and uses advanced encryption. This means that no one else – not even Apple or KeySmart – can view the location of your keys. To use the Find My app to locate your KeySmart iPro you will need an iPhone with iOS 14.3 or later, iPad with iPadOS 14.3 or later, or a Mac with Big Sur macOS 11.1 or later. The Find Items app on Apple Watch requires watchOS 8 or later.

More Features, Less Space

Includes LED flashlight and bottle opener

In addition to working with the Find My network, the KeySmart iPro can hold up to 14 of your existing keys, includes a flashlight and bottle opener, and has a rechargeable battery. Plus, KeySmart offers other useful mini-tools like box cutters, scissors and pliers to make your KeySmart iPro into a useful multi-tool. The compact, location detecting KeySmart iPro is available for $69.99 at and soon at and select retailers worldwide.

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About KeySmart

KeySmart was founded in 2013 by Michael Tunney after one of the most successful Kickstarters of its time. Frustrated with his bulky keychain, Michael created the KeySmart, a compact key organizer that held up to 8 keys and was the size of a pack of gum. 9 years and over 6 million happy customers later, Michael and his team at KeySmart are still dedicated to creating simple, useful solutions to everyday problems.

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